ams is leading the automotive lamp industry,
achieving the advanced technology and ensuring the absolute quality based on the respect for humans.

ams at a glance
A future-focused global company committed to the society with its advanced technology based on the respect for humans

AMS has developed into a world-class company along with the advancement of Korean automotive industry, meeting the requirements of customers and producing and supplying lamps since its establishment in 2000. AMS intends to expand the capabilities continuously through the effective business management, putting forward the vision for future to our internal members and fulfilling our responsibility for the society.

Ceaseless innovation and challenging spirit

We have moved ahead with CC1433 activities for the innovation of business at the entire corporate level and cultivate essential human resources to build the learning culture. In addition, we help all employees increase their personal value and develop individual ability so that they can take initiatives spontaneously. Also, we foster talented personnel with creative ideas and intelligence who can spearhead the future society.

World-class technology and best products

We have speeded up the technical exchange with foreign companies of advanced countries and development of new technology, conforming to the trend of state-of-art, high-end, and electronic technology of next-generation automotive part industry, and have built the cutting-edge system and been proven to be capable of world-class R&D to secure new technology.


Supplier R&D Excellence Award 2022 RENAULT KOREA MOTORS

GM Certificate of Excellece GOLD 2022


Started to supply to Rivian EV, Suzuki, Hungary and GM EV

2019 - 2020

Presented with GM's Supplier Quality Excellence Award (2019 and 2020)

Started to supply to Karma


Nominated as World Class 300 company (National support project)


Started to supply to Nissan, Japan


Started to supply to Renault, France


T/A with Minda, India and BSI, Indonesia

Started to supply to MMC, Japan

Presented with GM's Supplier Quality Excellence Award (2012)


Established ams America Corporation


Started to supply to GMNA, GM Korea, KG Mobility(Former Ssangyong Motors) and Volkswagen


Established ALTEK, an affiliated company for small lamp production


Started to supply to GM Brazil


Established J.V in Uzbekistan for GMUZ


Started to supply to GM SPO and Ichikoh


Company establishment in 2000 Started to supply to Renault Korea Motors(Former RSM)

CI This CI guideline will help you undersatnd ams's corporate identity by providing directions in details to keep the consistent corporate brand identity.

The symbol mark is the most important element that represents ams and provides an integrated image of the corporate.
Modification of the symbol mark is not allowed in any case and the symbol mark must not be reproduced or revised at a size that is smaller than 20mm in order to ensure the legibility of the logo.
The symbol mark should be mainly used in the form of digital data, but can occasionally be printed out as long as grid system ensures that its shape is not modified.

  • a advanced
    m mobility
    s solutions
  • These colors represent ams's creative technologies that are as promising as the blue sky.

Color System

The color system is another core identity of ams along with the symbol mark.
The colors of symbol mark must be blue and sky blue, but red can be used only when monochromatic color is required for printing.
Use of other colors are strictly prohibited, but exceptions can be made according to separate guidelines for certain cases.

Main Color
#2e3192 C 100% M 80%
Sub Color
#00aeef C 100%
Certificates and awards
  • Quality Management System

  • Quality Management

  • Environmental Management System

  • Environmental Management

  • Occupational Heath and Safety Management System

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management

  • GM QSB(Quality System Basics)

  • GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2019

  • GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2020

  • GM Certificate of Excellece GOLD 2022

  • GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2022

  • Supplier  R&D Excellence Award 2022 RENAULT KOREA MOTORS