Greetings from CEO

ams is leading the automotive lamp industry,
achieving the advanced technology and ensuring the absolute quality based on the respect for humans.

Greetings from CEO

ams is reaching out worldwide

Realizing the envisioned future and dream of all of our employees in the global arena

Fully committed to serving customers and society based on the creative business management, ams has produced and supplied automotive lamps to finished car companies since it was founded in 2000 in endeavors to develop the domestic automotive industry and improve the safety and convenience of customers.


Customer-oriented company

We will continue to offer optimal solutions to customers in efforts to meet evolving needs of customers in the ever-changing industry’s business environment and present customers with improved products that can exceed their expectations.


Top auto parts manufacturer

Our extended experience, combined with a geat expertise in automotive lamps, ensures high-quality products provided at lower prices in an efficient and timely manner. We are also committed to developing eco-friendly technologies in order to spearhead the global automotive industry.


Future-focused corporate

We will make a leap forward to become the top-class company, realizing the envisioned goal and dream of all of our employees in the global arena.

ams will always be with customers to fulfill customer needs, taking advantage of our top technology and quality.

AMS Co., Ltd. Chairman & CEO Lee Myeong-Gon